Monday, January 17, 2011


Gulmi is one district of nepal. There are 79 V.D.C. It lies in lumbini zone. The head quarter of gulmi is Tamghas. There are many farmer. The totale population of gulmi is 450000. There are many religious place these are Rini, Resunga,Dibrung etc.There are many tourisum area in Gulmi.Thre are many casts people live there are magar,sunar, B.K,brahmin etc.Resunga is the main tourisum area of Gulmi. There is provided facilities of transportation electricity etc. The neighbour districts of Gulmis are parbat, Baglung, syngja, Arghakhanchi and palpa. It is mountain area. At thetop of headquarter where is green hill. There are many lakes, watewfalls, rivers and historical place.
Many people are farmer there. People from many different ethnic groups live there.They have their own language, culture and lifestile but there is peace, tolerence and brotherhood among them all. They share sorrow and happiness. Tamghas, Rini, Wamitaxar, Santipur, Purtighat, Kaireni etc are the main place of Gulmi. The best religious and tourisum place of Gulmi is Resunga region where are many historcial temple in the middle green jjungle.Many people go there and enjoy alot of in everyday in Resunga. There are many river, Rudrabati is the biggest river of gulmi. There are four parties. The main production crops are coffe, potato, corn, millit,rice etc.There is no problem of water supply. They want to live in their own place and use their own production so I like most this place or district.

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